Membership Wireless - Checkout Path


The Problem

Membership Wireless is the Costco e-commerce site for mobile device sales. The cart path was in desperate need of a redesign due to the complexity of the mobile industry and the process of purchasing cell phones. The goal of the redesign was to make the checkout path simpler and hopefully increase conversions. My role on this project was to do competitor research, see what was working well in the industry and find a way to adapt those things to our new checkout process. After the initial research phase, we decided to make the site experience more closely resemble the experience a user would have in store. To do this, I began working with my team to come up with a wireless package concept that would walk you through the purchase of a mobile device, a plan, services and accessories. Below are a few wireframes and screens depicting this experience. 

Membership Wireless Accessories@2xMembership Wireless Accessories@2x
Membership Wireless Accessories Quickview@2xMembership Wireless Accessories Quickview@2x