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Active Sports is a website that promotes an online registration and league management software solution for the sports industry. My role on the project was to come up with a new visual look and feel that represented the sports market, while also making it easy for the user to navigate by sport and association. I worked closely with my UX designer and engineering to establish requirements and come up with a way to navigate easily by the 5 main sports. After a few rounds of iteration, the design below was presented to and accepted by the Active Sports stakeholders. 

See the live site here

Active Sports - Homepage


Active Sports - Navigation

The Active Sports project posed an interesting challenge as we were using a template and skinning it for all the B2B marketing site redesigns. The problem was the template didn't account for an easy way for us to promote and the user to navigate the 5 main sports Active was targeting. I worked with our UX designer to come up with the navigation below, with an added touch of delight on rollover. 


Active Sports - Sport & League Pages